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Mainly produce diesel forklift, electric forklift and other products

Our advantage

Sida service guarantees to build a suitable forklift with high cost performance for customers.
  • Technical capability assurance

    Our company keeps innovating and enterprising in the research and development work. Now we have 8 utility model patents, 1 invention patent, and other patents are being applied.
  • 626969cc澳门资料大全 Production capacity guarantee

    The production equipment adopts advanced numerical control technology and modern scientific and technological management means to strictly control the quality of each process.
  • Product performance guarantee

    Xuzhou forklift has passed the type test of national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center. Every car has quality and safety assurance.
  • After sales service guarantee

    The 24-hour national toll free number is 4008872898; according to the after-sales needs of the market, regular service team activities are carried out

Service and support

  • For the purchase, use, repair and maintenance of the products, you can contact us here
  • After-sales service telephone: +86-400-8872-898 /+86- 0516-69903388

    626969cc澳门资料大全Sales Hotline:+86- 0516-69903681 / +86-18811918080

    626969cc澳门资料大全Company Fax:+86- 0516-69903399

    Company email: Js_sdzg@163.com

    Company address: No. 1 Minjiang Road, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province (Xiyi High-tech Development Zone)

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